Absoloutely in love with myself..Love flowers..real ones..Very impulsive and impatient..Love wearing torn jeans..Loved soft toys,but grew out of that..love animated movies and still do..if i hate you you will get to know..if I love you..you will have to know..
I think the best place to fall asleep is in your dad’s protective arms..a big foodie..hate shopping..I would rather stay home and paint..I am not a nice and good girl..I break rules if they do not go with what I think..I believe in God and at times feel his well intentions are misunderstood by people..I top the list..but still cannot do without him..I do not know how to give up and I do not want to learn..I was selfless but it backfired so gave up being that..I cannot be selfish either..breaks my heart at the consequences..i believe in love..and i think that is the strongest emotion..be it love for your family, lover,friends,anything..I love my friends..cannot do without them..I am Assamese and I like my culture..I like the simplicity of the people of my state..I think my state Assam is beautiful..I do not like babies..but I love my one year old niece..I am not a complicated person..and I love myself more than anything after God..to know more..add me..


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