A Rainbow Smile

A smile that pushes through tear soaked eyes is one of the most beautiful smiles. I have often seen it in my parent’s eyes every time I left home. They waved me good-bye with a fake smile and genuine tears. Tears that never crossed the threshold of their eyes.

This smile is beautiful because it holds in it an intense love, sometimes it holds a deep gratitude, and sometimes a sense of victory. It is like the sun that shines bright amidst a storm. It has hope, it has faith and it has a genuine part of someone’s soul shivering with emotion.

I call this smile a rainbow smile. It has the sun, it has the rain and along with it a beautiful rainbow of emotions ignited by the deep feelings of the soul.

I have seen it in the eyes of grateful patients who met my father after a cure. I have seen it in the eyes of a household help who my father has helped financially. What’s special about these smiles is that it heals whoever it touches it. Every time I saw a person with a rainbow smile, it has urged me to be better, to be more grateful and to be more loving.

Once when rupee had value, I paid a beggar a hundred rupee note on a traffic signal near Khan Market,Delhi. The signal had not yet turned green.As me and my mother waited for the signal to change I saw that the man showed the note to everyone who refused to pay him that evening. I paid him because I had made a pact with God that if he granted me a wish, I would make someone happy. A childish and selfish pact, I now understand, but that was the only way I knew to show gratitude. The man stood in the middle of the road and raised the note skywards in a sense of gratitude.He stood like that thanking the skies. The signal changed and the scene was forgotten. But, I was never the same person again after I saw the man’s gesture. I am sure he had a rainbow smile on his lips that day. When we spread rainbow smiles, it heals a part of us that was aching somewhere. It makes us whole. It allows one’s soul energy to make a connect with the other and unlike insecure relations, we don’t need to give a name to it.

I love this smile because it restores people’s faith in love; in humanity and it makes people believe in God.  For the athiests if not in God, then in goodness.  My father spread rainbow smiles with his profession as a doctor. I do not have that privilege. But we don’t need a reason or an excuse to spread smiles. We can simply compliment someone who took great pains to look good. We can share a meal with a co-worker who always eats alone. We can take our aging parents on a coffee date. The opportunities are endless.

Our soul craves to spread rainbow smiles. That’s why we are uncomfortable when we see, hear or experience pain in others. It’s the human in us that stops us from doing so. Funny that we try to be human when we are so much more than this. Let the light shine through. When you do that you not only transcend the world but transcend yourself.


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