Nothing, But Love

The other day, when I was drying the dishes at home, my attention went to a bowl that had a slight crack on the side. I use this bowl only with family and close friends. This bowl is one of my favorite. Its my favorite because the crack on the side holds a memory of a dinner full of fun and laughter.The crack came to being when on a dinner with friends, I amidst uncontrollable laughter, dropped it and chipped its side. I never tried fixing nor replacing it. Yes, it looks imperfect when placed with its fellow perfectly round bowls but for me, it is the best of the lot.  The crack on the bowl is what makes it beautiful;beautiful because it holds a happy memory.

Every home has a faded cooking pan, some carefully put together pieces of cutlery, a faded table cloth, an old vase. I believe, apart from all the other things, these are the most beautiful things that a home has. These pieces of material hold in it memories of  warm get-togethers, comfort home food and lots of love. Lucky are those whose relationships are filled with material essences whose value cannot be measured on the scale but felt deeply by the heart.

The beauty of human relationships lounges quietly but deeply in these little everyday things. A chipped bowl, a dried red rose in between the pages of a novel, a long walk in the twilight, a familiar fragrance that transports one to a heart achingly fond memory; these are some of the things that holds the essence of a relationship.This essence is what makes it beautiful; and that essence is nothing else but, love.



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