I realized it late, but I did realize that;

you explain yourself to people who you think would understand you,

you reason out to those who you think are evolved enough to grasp in your reasoning,

you reach out to only those from whom you expect,

you cry only in front of those whom you believe have a ‘kerchief ready,

you share your deepest secrets with those whom you trust will never judge you nor use your weaknesses against you,

you  fiercely love people who you believe deserve you,

I realized it late but I did realize that you have the ability to transform people from being NO ONE to SOMEONE by giving them the privilege of being with you.

Many a times your heart has been broken to pieces. Many a times it had been broken by me.I realized it late but I did realize then that;

you forgive only those whom you believe are evolved enough to correct their faults. you believe everyone is good and eventually would mend their ways.

I met you yesterday and you were nice to me. You no longer expressed yourself nor shared a joke, neither did you reach out nor share your fond memories.

you were just nice to me.

I realized it then and I hope I had NOT realized it late,that;

you have the ability to be nice yet make me long again to be that SOMEONE to you.


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