Love Simply Is


It is the one thing that we all desire;but never manage to get enough of it.

Where do we go wrong?

As I contemplated the possibilities, I looked around my surroundings. I saw beautiful people all around me; but their beauty was hidden beneath a ‘cloak of being’ that read ‘an extreme need to be loved.’

There was this woman wearing a 6 inch  high heel sandal looking very pretty but obviously uncomfortable; there was this young girl who kept explaining to her mother how hard she tried to score better; there was this father who kept counting the money in his wallet while the son looked around for the perfect pair of shoes; there was this young man in love going all the way and buying a gift that definitely cut a hole in his budget; the list was endless. All however had the same balm on their discomfort – The hope of being loved back. I, myself have often worn this ‘cloak of being.’ We cannot help it.

We are taught that love is unconditional. But in practice we look for conditioned love. When curious I questioned about this dilemma and people often answered to me:

‘What are relations without expectations?’

Well, I believe this is where we go wrong and this is why we never seem to get enough love.

We expect unconditional love but practice something else.

Love as I have understood comes to those who love themselves. For those who go out of their way, change themselves, put themselves last, well, there is never enough love for them. The kind of love that they deserve never reach them.These are beautiful people with an enormous capacity to love. They have the potential to give out love so freely.But still they the ones who are taken for granted.

These people with their behavior form a demand and supply kind of relation. The love received then is equivalent to the amount of demands/expectations met.

Love simply is. There is never an ‘I love you because…’ in the dictionary of unconditional love. We love a rose because it is a rose, then why do we complicate the whole love thing when it comes to people?

I can never understand. Can you?

Are you looking for love like everyone else is?

Then you better start by being you and quit trying so hard. This will attract to you love in its most raw form and in its most unconditional way.


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