rock-731140_640All the clichés that I have heard about fear had always been a meaningless jumble of words for me. I always felt that those clichés disappear when you are face-to-face with fear. But with time comes experience and with experience comes maturity. It was only when I found myself at the clutches of fear that I realised those clichés ring true. Facing your fear transcends your existence. Fear is not an enemy. It is the best way to ignite your potential. It is only when you are afraid that you realise how strong you actually are.

Trust me, you are more than what you can think you are. If I say a zillion times more it won’t be an exaggeration!

Give your heart a chance, give your faith a chance. Listen to the wisdom of your inner voice. Life is so much more than what your limited notions can hold.

Your potential is so much more than what you believe.

Just give yourself a chance. Give your fears the freedom to stare at you and when you stare back without a blink, you will know that you have transcended your existence. Fear, I say once more, is just a friend. A friend who laughs with you when you defeat him.

Living in fear is living a lie. It is a life wasted. Easier said than done, I know. But you can always give your heart a chance, your passion wings and your life meaning.

What holds you back?

Choose to face what you fear, because this is the only way you realize there is nothing to be afraid of. It is then that you realize that you are a spark of divinity herself.


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