Be a Little Bit of Everything

Sometimes you need to slow down, sometimes you need to pace up. Your situations in life do not define who you are. Your reactions to it define you.stacking-stones-667432__180

I am always at awe at the lessons life teaches us. I am at awe because life is very simple and in it’s simplicity the most advanced and complex phenomenon.

Life is all about keeping the right balance. This is something that I have recently learnt. I was surprised at how familiar I am with the phrases – ‘Too much of anything is bad’ or maybe ‘All work and no play make jack a dull boy’. Both in different contexts talk about the importance of being balanced. If you observe life carefully you will see that it breathes of balance. Every aspect. Be it technological, spiritual or physical. Mobile phones have bridged physical distance between people who are far apart but the same gadget when over used creates distance between two people sharing a home. Being spiritual is very good but to survive in this world and especially if you have not renounced the worldly way of life, you need to be worldly wise too. Food is the basic need of the body but when not consumed in right proportions threatens your health.

We know since childhood the importance of being balanced. Tasks as simple as riding a bicycle teaches us the magic of balancing. Still, we never implement it. It is so apparent everywhere that I am surprised it took me so long to actually understand its importance in life.

We all have an inbuilt guiding system that tells us when it is enough. You know very well when you are full and should stop eating, you know very well, when you have exercised enough and should relax and you also know when you have had enough fun and should start working or vice versa. But, mostly, we ignore those friendly tugs of the inner voice.This is where I believe we go wrong. This creates imbalance in our life; that leads to chaos and well you know what follows unless of course you balance things out. On an emotional level too when you love someone , or hate someone, or whatever feelings you have if it goes out of balance it brings about chaos. If you love someone excessively you lose your importance, if you hate someone excessively well, there are lot of examples in the news of how ugly things can get!

Being balanced is the secret of a good life. Open secret I would say because it’s so apparent everywhere! If you are struggling, take a close look at the problem area and see where the imbalance is coming from – is it on a physical, emotional or spiritual level?

Are you having a physical issue because of an imbalance in your diet?Are you an emotional wreck because of your uncontrolled expression of love, hatred, anger or jealousy? Are you ignoring your life and health because of work? Are you ignoring the happiness of your loved ones because of too much involvement in religious endeavors? Where is the chaos in your life coming from? Find that out. Once you know the cause of imbalance, you can work to remove the chaos from your life.


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