Lessons Learnt in 2015

Connect with yourself. Unplug from gadgets and plug in with nature. Breathe. Filter your thoughts. Spend time doing things that you like. Reject negative vibes. Do not try to please everyone.

Create boundaries with people. You need not answer the phone when it beeps all the time. You decide when you respond and how you respond. Situations and people are powerless without your reaction to it. Decide how you respond to people and situation before you react.

Listen to your body. You only need to be healthy and happy. Forget being fair, size zero, or anything for that matter. Do things that you love. Listen to that little voice inside that guides you. Be humble for the blessings in your life. You are what you think. Think good. Your life reflects your thoughts. Think good. Pray. Meditate. Laugh. Experience the world in child-like wonder. Laugh with the ecstasy of a child. Give out good if you desire to get back good.

Worry is like creating the future with things that you do not want, switch off this habit immediately. Choose love. Be yourself. Say No. Live in gratitude. You are a spark of divinity. Believe in your divinity.

Do not live in comparison. It’s like trading your soul with someone you do not know. You are fabulous the way you are! Make time for yourself.  The journey is always inwards, be in touch with your inner self. Avoid careless eating. Go organic. Go off canned and processed and artificial food. Happiness is unique to you. Do not try to emulate someone else’s way of having fun. Some like to sit on the beach in quiet cotemplation some like to get drunk in a bar. Both are being happy. Choose your kind of happiness. Watch cartoons. Hug. Be nice.


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