A Normal Life is a Cause for Grand Celebrations


It was early in the morning. The twitter of the birds still had not reached their melodious chorus. It was just one sweet little chirp that broke the lull of the wee hours. As the sun rays streamed in softly illuminating the house with a golden glow; I poured myself a steaming mug of hot coffee. Taking out the crunchy toast of bread I generously applied dollops of butter. The accompanying  sunny side up eggs with their orange blush completed my breakfast. As I took in a heavenly bite of this simple assortment, I thought to myself – ‘It’s been so long since I enjoyed a meal; taking time to relish in the flavors and feeling blessed about it.’

My thoughts transported me to the other day,when reading Oprah Winfrey’s ‘What I know for Sure’ I was struck by an amazing bolt of realization. She read, ‘I feel blessed at being able to walk all by myself to the bathroom and being able to do what needs to be done every morning.’

Freshening up in the morning is something people do not give a thought about. But there are many people who need support for accomplishing tasks as simple as this. Maybe a disability, maybe an ailment, advanced age, the reasons are varied.

Life has beauty in every breath. Yesterday at a friend’s place after recovering from peals of vivacious laughter, I asked her, ‘How do you manage to be as vibrant and bright as the sun always?’ It’s like when she walks into a room it is illuminated by positive energy. She is a devoted fulfilled homemaker, with two children and the usual ups and downs in life. Her life cannot exactly be summed up as a piece of cake. But her reply startled me! She said, ‘I have a normal life; and this is reason enough to be happy.’

Being well fed, well clothed and sheltered. Having a hot meal on a cold winter night. Having access to pure drinking water in an age where people still travel far for a pail of fresh water. Being loved. Being in the lap of nature. The ability to draw in lungfuls of fresh air. Something many need an assistance for.The reasons for us to be grateful about life is endless. How many times have you crossed a flower and felt joy at its sheer beauty? How many times have you laughed so hard that your stomach ached? How many times you felt the presence of a loved one who made your eyes well with tears of love? And how many times have you felt so blessed to be in a healthy body, a body that allows you to live your life to the fullest? Life gives us the experience of a blessing every day. Every moment life tells us how blessed and loved we are! The question is – ‘Are we listening?’ ‘Do we realize that there are many people in this world who are not able to enjoy these simple pleasures of life which we take for granted everyday?

Wake up to your blessings! Celebrate your Life! Most importantly celebrate the fact that you have a normal blessed life. As I wrapped up my breakfast, I made a mental note to spend every moment of my life in gratitude. The sun filtered in with a vibrant bright energy. The twitter of the birds came in a loud melodious chorus making the morning gradually abuzz with the usual business of a week day.As I started to office I thought to myself gratefully – ‘Oh! The beginning of another blessed normal day!’


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