Home is Where the Home-Maker Is!

Featured imageWhat would a home be like without a home-maker? Home-makers bring to mind ‘home-made food’ that satiates not only your hunger but also feeds your soul; ‘fresh flowers in the vase’ that brightens your home, ‘cleaned bed-sheets’ that you love to curl on after a hard day’s work; ‘never emptying toiletries’ that seem to fill by itself. Ever gave a thought where these comforts come from? Well, these come from a home-maker’s heart.

After school, college, office you know there will be someone serving your food, the way you like it. She will sit by you and listen to your day while you eat. You know that if you catch a cold all you have to do is sneeze and she will be ready with a tub of hot water, medicines and hot soup. You know that if you cannot sleep she will lovingly give up her night’s rest so that you sleep.

What are these home makers? So selfless, so giving and so loving?

People say it is a thankless job, a job that has no appreciation. But what they do not know is that home-makers are beings that need nothing in return. Home-makers have a fulfilling job. They feel accomplished just at the fact that you are taken well care of. That you are fed, you are healthy and you are happy. Nothing gives her more joy than her family.

I have been into the corporate ever since college. My life is all about meeting timelines. The moments of bliss come when I receive my hefty pay-check which is (though I wish was more often) is only once in a month. I feel accomplished yes, I love my work, but I can never feel fulfilled like these home-makers.

Look at her smile when she sniffs the fresh flowers before she places it in a vase. Look at her eyes when someone licks a plate after finishing food cooked by her. Look at the love in her face when she gives someone the freshly brewed morning cup of coffee. Just look at her and you will know how fulfilled she is every day. They work from a place of love for the sake of love and see what they give to the world. Generations of nurtured people.

Really, what would a home be without a home-maker?


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