Work-Life Balance


Work-Life balance is the mantra to a success story. As the saying goes, ‘All work and No Play make Jack a Dull boy.’ Well, dull is an understatement to the chronic conditions that lie unmasked beneath the competitive corporate exteriors. The corporate in the present era thrives on competition, giving rise to emotional chaos backed by an urgency to be ‘up-to-the-mark’. Still the corporate runs well. So, why is Work-Life balance so important?

Life is more than just meeting deadlines, reaching professional goals or doing overtime. Life is also about reading a book, a leisurely stroll on the beach simply taking in the sound of waves or playing beach volleyball;or spending quality time with people who matter. Life is about indulging in your passion; maybe indulging in that thing that makes you come alive,something as simple as gardening or as exciting as back packing. We work so we can live well. Many people get so involved with their professional life that they forget the basis of the ‘why?’ behind their hard work. Work-Life balance is therefore important so that we infuse the pulsating beats of life strongly into our lives.

‘Health is wealth’ – A proverb so truly expressed. Health is one of the greatest blessings on earth. So how do you explain abuse of your body? A lack of work-life balance encourages in you the habits that eat slowly at your health. Working overtime, being inactive makes way for an unhealthy lifestyle that materialize diabetes and heart disease into a reality. Worrying  about deadlines increases your stress levels that starves your endorphin levels making you an emotional wreck and prone to hypertension. A work-life balance is important so that you infuse the energy of good health into your lives.

Of course, it’s good to love your work and feel the high at being productive. But as stated earlier life is also about so many other things. A little tweak in your work habits can help you get the best of both your personal and professional lives. At the end it does not matter how much you earned or how high a position you held or how many hours you invested confined to a cramped and artificially regulated office space; in the end what matters is how much you laughed, how  much you loved, and how many lives you positively touched by your presence.


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