Be the Reason why the Earth Heals

Where is the world heading to? This is one question that I never answer, yes even to myself. The world has been communicating through all mediums possible. The newspaper, the climate change, the violence; all gives you the answer with proof – TO HELL.

Then why do we go on like nothing’s wrong? Have we really degenerated as a race that we feign that we do not care? Or do we REALLY not care?!

The world in in your hands! Yes it is. What you do has a ten times effect. The world has stood with us forever and will continue to do so but the human race still has failed to understand the altruistic nature of the earth. The plant knows you will mercilessly pluck off the flower it has borne in its heart to beautify the world, but it will continue to bloom, for your happiness. We are nature. What if for a change we behaved like NATURE? What if we as a human race practiced altruism like our Mother Nature?

You have nothing to lose if you keep the lights of the unused rooms switched on. You have the money you can pay the exorbitant bills. But if you regularly practice the conservation of power you heal the earth. You have nothing to lose if you throw your garbage and never recycle. But if you practice recycling and cleanliness you heal the earth. You have nothing to lose if you spread discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, color, caste, class, interests, profession; the list is endless in todays’ world. Not to mention the sub sections of potential discriminations that you can create. But if you accept, celebrate, honor people on the same grounds you heal humanity.

Save the Earth! It seems a huge task isn’t it? What if you thought of the earth in its completeness your home and fellow people your kin, would it be so humongous a task? Is taking care of your own home and loved ones so difficult? No.

Heal the earth, one wound at a time. Use recycled paper, conserve energy, practice secularism, do not turn a blind eye to people you can help. Yes, they are no one you know, but this does not make their pain not count. There are millions; yes millions who can kill for a bowl of rice you dispose of. Respect what you have. Use your resources with responsibility. Include God and love in your religion, not discrimination. Respect people. Celebrate differences. Spread Love.


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