Lessons Learnt in 2013

No one can, or will fight your battle. You are the only one who can stop your dreams from realizing, no one else has the power or the authority. People treat you the way they treat you is because, YOU allow them to do it. If you want something, get it as simple as that. If you don’t want something delete it. You will have to stand for yourself and support your views, no one else will do it for you. Fear is an illusion. Problems can be solved if you face it. People will never understand you accept it. Worry is like taking a daily dose of poison. Prayers are answered. Friends are there for no reason with you for you, treasure them.They are not bound by society,duty or blood to be there with you. They are there because of you. A relationship should not be based on profit it will bring in unimaginable loss. The basis of relationships should be love. The mind is talkative. The soul knows all the answers the mind confuses you. Try listening to the soul. Impossible is a changing term. What was impossible yesterday is possible today.Make friends with impossibility. Don’t give up because you may fail. Meet failure if needed but never give up. Failure will give you the lesson.You fail if you think you fail you win if you think you will win. Have Faith. Trust God. ‘People who matter don’t mind people who mind don’t matter’ – a very true saying. Depend only on yourself. There is no one else who will live your life for you. Do not be afraid of unpleasant experiences, it does not affect you anyway. You are made to be happy accept it. You deserve happiness, love and blessings. Never underestimate or overestimate anything. Things change. What you overestimate today you may underestimate tomorrow and vice-versa. Do not hurt anyone. Experience and do not get affected. Experiences stay if you keep them. Create your experiences, take charge, do not blame anyone for your experience. You are solely responsible for all. Thoughts become your reality. Miracles happen.Magic is unexplored science. Religion may confuse, make sure you get proper guidance while you follow your religion. God is One. Give your best and leave the rest to God. You can give only your 100%. Relax. You can choose to dance through your struggle or cry through your struggle. The choice is yours. Storms pass they cannot stay on.Hang on till the storm passes. The destination is already decided you will reach there sooner or later. How you reach is completely your will. Pray. Reconnect with God and you will be at peace.


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