It’s OK to Be Human

shutterstock_131910134It is ok to fail, to be afraid… to want someone to hug you and never leave…it is ok once in a while to cry like  a baby…it is ok to say I love you or I miss you. You know it does not harm. It is ok if you say sorry…or call up a person who never gave you that call back…you know that person’s worth, maybe he /she does not know …so be it.

It is ok to take days off your work schedule so that you can take your parents to that grand fair they have always wanted to go, did not they always have time for you?Maybe stay home, go to a spa or simply do nothing for a day… it is ok…

It is ok to say you do not care…y fake ? It is ok sometimes to simply go and have that huge sinful ‘full of calories’ burger you always wanted to have but resisted from… it is ok if you simply speak your hurt out to a person who has been hurting you for a while…he /she deserved it…it is ok to speak out your heart to the person who you love and never expressed…if you do not well, someone else will…it is ok to think about yourself, if you do not, no one else will…

It is ok to not have enough money and still want the costliest thing…it is ok if you are still hungry for love, how else would you know the value of love? It is ok if no one cares…it is ok if you are human…


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  1. We ought to be human!… if only we could cry, laugh , hug , kiss at the time we feel like,without any concerns of being judged or evaluated we would leave a more healthier space..

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