Perfection through Imperfection

shutterstock_47737669I have never succeeded in sharing a cordial relation with rules. Rules are somehow beyond my comprehension. Why follow it when not following it feels so much better?  Well, by making this statement I do not want to run your imagination with the thought that I envisage a world which is completely haywire and where uncivilised barbarians are let loose. Well NO!When I say rules I mean rules that are unnecessary. Rules which we believe define who we are.

To start with, I remember attending an elite party where you are expected to have table manners.Yes even if you are a pre schooler. If you succeed to do that well, you are tagged well mannered and eligible to hang around with the other well mannered crowd.In that party I was dished out a red strawberry pudding. How old was I? Umm…approximately six years old. I tried, I attempted I did everything to take one morsel, wait till I finish that morsel and take another spoon of the sinfully strawberry and cream oozing pudding that kept screaming at me – EAT ME AT A GO !!!!BETTER STILL, SMEAR ME ALL OVER YOUR FACE SO WHEN YOU FINISH EATING ME YOU STILL HAVE ME ON YOUR FACE. Well, I ended up doing exactly that. Pudding all over my hands, clothes and my happy face. Of course I got disapproving looks from horrified aunts and uncles but who cares??!! You do not enjoy your pudding as much as I do. Moreover, I am a child, am I not supposed to eat like that?

I remember being the only girl with an unruly lock of curly hair, jumping off trees, playing in the sun, bunking classes in college, falling in love with the wrong person, getting rejected, having crushes with all the not so proper guys I knew. I have even sneaked out of home at midnight because I wanted to know what it felt like to be out at this hour, bribing my chowkidaar not to tell anyone. Well, the first thing he did was to tell my dad!!That is another story. I never topped class. At times I was less than mediocre. Yes, I never got the tag of being perfect. But you know what? I have always had a perfect life, the way I want it, the way I learnt it and the way I loved it!!!! If you are trying to fit in where you do not belong, do not push yourself more. What you are tagged as is not more important than what you are.



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