Words and Changing Connotations


The word aunty always painted my imagination with a sweet fat lady ever ready with lots of affection and well organised parties…But age can really change the way that you look at words..The very same word that filled me with a warmth now leaves me completely disturbed.I was surprised by my behaviour when one day I was trying to make a baby talk to me…(who was sitting on an aunty’s lap)..things were going on fine..well, till the moment the aunty said to the baby –‘Say hi to Aunty’…Forget talking to the baby I simply moved arrogantly away from it..
I tried not once but many times to behave normal when women twice my age come with their kids and tell them to say ‘hi to aunty’ but I always end up being the arrogant ill-mannered woman who does not smile at these cute little things..i still do not understand how my aunties behaved normal when I called them of all things – Aunty…They would tell me how thin I have become,run their hands lovingly through my unruly hair..maybe I was cuter than the babies who call me aunty… Maybe there will be a time when I make peace with this ‘oh so repulsive’ word..but till then…I refuse to smile at babies who call me aunty…no matter how cute!!



    1. Yes it is Priya. This was written when I just stepped into college :)… I have made peace with the word aunty now…though it happened that once my friend who has two sons came visiting us… I was engrossed in a conversation and the older son kept screaming at the top of his voice ‘aunty, aunty, aunty’ and I took some moments before I could realize he was calling me :)…Still have a long way to go but yes, have made peace with it :)…Thank you for reading.

  1. Hi Priya.. Finally I made it to your blog.. Ben busy satiating all of Eva’s tantrums.. Well if you felt bad when a baby called you “Aunty” imagine a 10th grade kid doing that..Yep been there.. Experienced that.. So on best intentions I suggest you swallow your retorts and post on a beautiful smile and as the world says – AGE GRACEFULLY!!

    1. Hi Irene,

      Thank you for reading. I have long made peace with this word :)…This blog was written by a much younger me when I had just stepped into college and graduated from being a girl to a woman. Its more to do with the little transitions that follow the process and far away from the concept of ageing.

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